Create a store. Start a blog. Post event and sell event ticket. connect with friends And so much more

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Become a vendor and sell anything: from physical products and digital downloads to subscriptions, content and even appointments, you can sell anything on tokenmoney platform.

Use an efficient and intuitive POS system

Use the most efficient POS system for unifying your in-store and online sales. Dilivered an efficient service to your customers at every touchpoint and win back time to focus on what matters most to your business.


 Reward your customers or guest with tokenmoney points which can be redeemed for discounts. Points can be given for purchases, writing reviews,  signing up, adding friends, post blog, join group, attending an event, and more. 

Post events

Post events and sell event ticket, Each ticket has its own price, stock, SKU, and specified timeframe for when ticket sales open and close. You can even collect attendee information during registration to your event. you can post wedding, birthday, concert, seminars and many more.

Miracle voucher

Miracle voucher is a referrer coupon that earns you and your referrer 5% discount on all products, you can apply this voucher on any product on tokenmoney stores and get 5% discount, you can also share this voucher with friends and family and get 5% commission of their purchases. This voucher cost just 5usd, and each time you purchased this voucher you get 2usd or 100usd worth of tokenmoney points instantly.

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Tokenmoney note

Tokenmoney note is designed to promote your product and services and to grow your own friendship network online and offline. This multipurpose note can serve as sales invitation, event invitation, political campaign, gift voucher, coupon, product authentication, reward money, flyers and connect voucher that you can hand out to someone to seek her friendship. You can buy tokenmoney note from tokenmoney store or create your own note, buy token pin from the store and add value to your note

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