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Gift and reward note!

Design your own tokenmoney and buy token pin online, add the pin as your note number or buy our default designs and give it out to your customers as reward for their patronage, or give it out to guest on your special occasion like wedding,, seminars, baby shower, burial, birthday, and more.

Advertise product and services!

Looking for a job. products or services? Looking for an apartment? Browse our classifieds. Have a job to advertise, products or services to sell? An apartment to rent? Post a Classified Ad.

Buy voucher and coupon!

Buy tokenmoney gift voucher  and coupon and spend it at any tokenmoney store nearest to you or spend it on,,, and many more websites on the internet.

Invitations, promotions and campaigns!

Design your own special invitation with tokenmoney, or use our default design, add token pin and give it out to your guest. If you already have your event invitation you can buy the reward note and add it to your invitation to make it more special. 


Imagine yourself in your own currency!

Create your own tokenmoney note and share with people!

Earn unlimited rewards!

Earn token point rewards for all your activities like blogging, uploading picture, adding friends, buying product and services and many more.

You can use token point earned by you to buy event ticket, buy token pins or note, buy gift voucher or coupon and use it on jumia, konga, amazon, ebay, and many other stores.

Use tokenmoney for political campaign!

Money will not carry any information about you and your political party, take advantage of tokenmoney note and get your political party messages across to people quickly and drive more people to vote for you.. you can add your contestant or party logo or images, and details about your vision and mission, then people can go online to redeem the token point on the note and learn more about your political party and your candidate.

Plan your trip to any part of the world!

Search for cheap hotel Search for  flight,  Buy tour package and apply for your visa.

Place events and sell event tickets

Tokenmoney make it easy and convenient for you to place an event and sell your event tickets.