How to add profile picture and cover image?

Tap the profile image field and click on edit icon to add profile picture, also tap the cover image area, click on edit icon to add your cover image. You can also locate change profile picture and cover image links on edit profile page.

How do I edit my profile details?

On the profile page, click on edit profile, fill in your details on the profile field, select your profile type to extend the profile field.

How do I post on the timeline?

From the menu tab click timeline, on the timeline page click on write here box, and write what ever you want to post, select whether you want all members to see your post, or your connection or public and click on post update button to submit your post.

I can’t find tabs?

You can find tabs on the left side of every pages, you can open and close the menu tabs. It is recommended that you open the tab inorder to view pages.

What is tokenmoney profile page?

Tokenmoney Profile is a personal account assigned to you when you sign up for token money, You're only able to create one profile, which includes only your personal information – no business information. Your tokenmoney profiles features group tab, timeline tab, and other tabs, on the side bar of your profile page you can also see the list of your friends connections, product category, currency switcher.

How do I login to tokenmoney.com?

Visit Tokenmoney.com, click login button at the top right of your computer to proceeds to login page. On the page enter your email and password, click submit and open your profile page.

Who can I invite or refer people to join Tokenmoney?

Gold and platinum members can send email invites, but only platinum can refer sales.

Is tokenmoney an mmm or mlm platform?

No, tokenmoney.com is a social commence website where you connect with people, sell product and services, reward your customers and many more.

What is tokenmoney?

Tokenmoney is notes and coins which the value written on them is greater than the value of the materials they are made from.

What is tokenmoney membership fee?

It is free to be a gold member and ordinary member, but you will pay 55usd to become Platinum member.