What is tokenmoney?

Standard money is a monetary unit which is designated by a government to serve as the basis of its currency system and into which other types of money in the country are convertible.

Token money is a subsidiary of standard money which is exchanged at a value rate independent from its commodity value.

Tokenmoney.com   is a complete social commerce platform that allows you to create your own tokenmoney note, interact and share pictures with friends and family, promote your business, buy and sell your products and services and earn unlimited cash rewards.

How can i join tokenmoney?

Your membership on tokenmoney is free, to join, from your browser type the URL; https://tokenmoney.com this will usher you into the website. New members can fill out the registration form; immediately you submit the form an email automatically sent to notify you of a successful registration, The email contains your username and a validation link. When you click this link it will automatically activate your account