Tokenmoney is a complete social commerce platform where you can interact and share pictures with friends and family, create your own tokenmoney, create your own store and blog, post add, and earn reward for all your activities like blogging, uploading picture, adding friends, buying product and services and many more. Tokenmoney is complexly free for everyone to use and is the best and most reliable platform designed for public, government, entertainment, travels, schools and business sectors of the global economy.


Our mission is to create a common ground where every business thrived, to device an earning process where every member can earn reward point ,and to build a connection of friends with no boundary, where everyone work for the success of each other. We intend to make you connect with people in a traditional offline way and link up your offline and online connections in order for you to achieve your target goals.


Our goal is to make tokenmoney a global market place where genuine buyers and sellers meet. To establish it as a platform of mutual friendship fills with success and opportunities.